Celebrates Five

In a time where divorce in on an all time high, MD is excited as he shares yet another anniversary with the love of his life, Ruth Budram. Mervin and Ruth got married on July 7th, 2012 and immediately started their family two months after. Mervin said five year is a big deal for him because growing up, most couples didn’t make it to five years in their marriage. MD confessed he was scared as he entered the four year block; BUT a determination rose up in his heart that each year would be better than the year before.

Mervin and Ruth lives in Belmopan City with their daughters Chloe and Grace. MD shares that one of the keys that kept there marriage strong is being together on everything. They aim to be together with their faith, family, home, business, ministries and finance. Two becoming one is central to their core belief and practice as a couple.

Here is some photos from MD & Ruth’s wedding:


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