About Mervin Budram

Mervin Budram is a Belizean entrepreneur, business owner, motivational speaker, award-winning recording artist, singer/songwriter & the host of the global entrepreneurial podcast, ‘The Creative Monday Discussion Show with Mervin Budram‘ that offers personal, practical business growth & life lessons from inspirational people with experiential authority. In each episode, Mervin has deeps discussions with business experts, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and innovative individuals from around the world, who are using their creativity and entrepreneurial innovation to transform lives. Those who tuned in will be inspired, motivated, and empowered as you learn effective lessons, & strategies to develop yourself, grow your business, and impact your community.

Mervin loves to inspire, motivate, & transform lives through speaking, singing, music, art, writing, & digital media. Mervin is the founder and co-owner of TAS Belize Limited; a strategic marketing, and growing digital innovation firm focused on building a healthy business community.

Mervin’s desire to do good, make a difference in the world, develop leaders, inspire creativity, and bring dreams to life has led him to start Budram Solutions Limited; A social enterprise that manages collective training, music, art, books, films, podcast, and all form of digital media content developed by the Budram family & associates. The mission of Budram Solutions is to inspire people to freedom & wholeness.

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