Creative Monday Show’s host, Mervin Budram has teamed up with Renwick Duesbury and Sherwyn of Gospel Music Buzz to offer one (1) artist a FREE music business coaching, and marketing session.


Renwick Duesbury

Christian Reggae Fusion Artist/ Producer

Renwick Duesbury is a Christian reggae fusion artist whose passion for living comes from being broken, torn, cast out, and homeless all in pursuit of his God-given purpose. He believes that everyone has a purpose and life is meaningless when the purpose is unknown.

Gospel Music Buzz

Premier Faith-based Marketing & Media Platform

Gospel Music Buzz is a premier faith-based marketing and media platform that implements proven strategies to help brands reach their maximum potential by way of promotion, consulting, digital content creation, or event coverage.

Mervin Budram – MD

Gospel Recording Artist/ Producer

Mervin Budram is a Belizean entrepreneur, business owner, motivational speaker, award-winning recording artist, singer/songwriter, and the host of the Creative Monday Discussion show


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