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Mervin Budram has been on a journey to Freedom & Wholeness. On that journey, he’s learned key principles to help you stay focused, keep moving forward, break through the dirt, and mine the treasure within. Whether you are hosting a business seminar, workshop, school retreat, conference, or religious event, Mervin is honored to draw on his experience and knowledge to inspire, motivate and transform lives.

Mervin speaks on…

Personal Development

Mining the treasure within

Run towards your purpose

Cultivating a spirit of excellence

Break negative cycles

Confronting addictions

Overcoming insecurities & fear

Entrepreneurship & Business Development

What’s in your hand?

Tire shop marketing

Cultivate and maintain creativity in your team

Build your team

Make the best use of time

Musician, Artist & Creative

Take your song from idea to stage

Stage presence & the art of entertainment

Creating with a team

Songwriting & storytelling

Understanding the music business

What do you have in your hands?

by Mervin Budram | Belizean Motivational Speaker

Within you, your God-given talent, your network, and the resources you have at your fingertips; there is the key for you to step into your destiny

5 Reasons You Should Book Mervin Budram as Your Next Motivational Speaker



Your audience will be challenged. Mervin provides fresh original concepts that they can immediately apply to their daily life. He will present eloquent and precise ideas that stem from data-driven expertise and experience from his personal journey, that will expand the thinking and competencies of your audience.


Your audience will be motivated. Mervin introduces principles and concepts that are truly useful. He creates unique energy for your audience while beginning conversations that far outlast his time at your event. They will walk out of the room inspired to do the hard work necessary to succeed.


Your audience will be captivated. Mervin has a unique and endearing style that incorporates compelling stories with insightful content. Plus, he is (surprisingly) funny and energetic. Being involved in the entertainment industry for over 25 years, Mervin brings a magnetism when he takes the stage.


Your audience will be refreshed. Mervin is solutions-driven and a visionary. He brings a wealth of ideas and concepts condensed to only what is most relevant for you. He will spend time learning about your organization and will incorporate elements that show how he was a hand-selected part of your team. Plus he and his team are experienced, drama-free, and super easy to work with.


Your audience will be activated. Mervin has a distinct ability to call people to action. He will leave them feeling renewed and energized to go out and execute on what needs to be done. You will hear people executing on and talking about his principles long after he is gone.

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