Break Free Album Lyrics

In the music scene, we find those who follow all sort of musical trends. However, from time to time, we stumble on those true lovers of music who appreciate not only the beat or lyrical delivery but the authentic storytelling unveiled through the lyrics of the song. MD believes not only in producing bass thumping, body rocking music BUT also in writing lyrics that promotes hope. He wants to inspire others through the words piercing through his songs. For those who want to dive deeper into the heart of ‘Break Free’ album, download and review the lyrics.

Click on image to download the full lyrics:

Lyrics_byyoursideLyrics_GoingDownLyrics_SeriousThingLyrics_RiseUpChildrenLyrics_GiantSlayerLyrics_PutAwayLyrics_BreakFreeLyrics_givelifeLyrics_pull out swordLyrics_hisbloodLyrics_christdawinna

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