Creative Monday Discussion \\ Creativity & Content Creation (Episode 20)

We often hear the phrase ‘Content is King’ in the digital marketing world. With that in mind, it’s important to pay closer attention not only to the quantity but also the quality of the content we are creating; and releasing into the digital universe.

For the November 2nd episode of the Creative Monday Discussion show, Mervin was joined by Cam Houser, an award-winning facilitator of online workshops, entrepreneurship curriculum designer, and educator who teaches video; as well as Kyle Zuniga, founder, and owner of BK Creatives Multimedia Innovation. We are diving into their transformative entrepreneurial journey as well as creative tools, tips, and stories that will empower us to better success in our creativity and content creation journey.

The show is live on Facebook, YouTube as well as on The National Channel (TNC Channel 10) in Belize

Watch the full interview below:

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