The Creative Monday Discussion Podcast

‘The Creative Monday Discussion show with Mervin Budram’ is an entrepreneurial podcast hosted by Mervin Budram that offers personal, practical business growth & life lessons from inspirational people with experiential authority. In each episode, Mervin has deeps discussions with business experts, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and innovative individuals from around the world, who are using their creativity and entrepreneurial innovation to transform lives. You’ll be inspired, motivated, and empowered as you learn effective lessons, & strategies to develop yourself, grow your business, and impact your community.

The live show airs weekly on Monday nights at 7 PM (CST) on Facebook LiveYouTube Live, and The National Channel (TNC10) Television Network in Belize. Creative Monday rebroadcasts in Antigua & Barbuda on So Arise TV, and Europe & the Caribbean region on Carib Invest TV