Entrepreneur Coaching

“I want to help You UNLOCK your inner entrepreneur”

Is coaching right for you? Consider if:

  • You are committed to your entrepreneurial journey and to your success
  • You want to base your business on a solid foundation of personal values, vision, and purpose
  • You are looking for accountability, support, and a framework for achieving your goals
  • You feel it’s important to honor your uniqueness and set boundaries
  • You want to define success in your own terms
  • You have all of the ingredients and need to determine how much and in what order they are put together to make the best possible recipe for success

Yes to any or all of the above? Keep reading!

My Approach

Entrepreneur Coaching is meant for the person who is committed to creating a thriving, successful business. We focus on where your business is currently; evaluate what’s working and what’s not; determine goals; and create an action plan. The partnership tends to be a coaching/consulting hybrid, meaning that I use a coach approach to helping you build your business while incorporating my experiences and resources when they are in service to your goals.

I offer coaching via Microsoft Teams,  or Zoom for clients located anywhere in the world, as well as in-person sessions for residents of my Belmopan, Belize office.

I offer traditional coaching packages, as well as Insight Strategy Sessions that are designed to be equal parts consultation and coaching.