MD Released ‘His Blood’ Music Video

MD released His Blood Music video on Good Friday, March 30th, 2018 on social platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. The video was shot in Belize at Malacate, a privately own beach in the southern part of Belize. The video features American singer “Briston Xavier” who sang the bridge on “His Blood’ as well as members from his band, The R1pple 3ffect.

Having grown up in Dangriga, MD spent frequent time at the beach reflecting on life while watching the waves crash on the shore. It was on a beach that MD had the beginning of a turn-around experience in his life. The video takes MD to that period. As a Christian, MD shares that he is thankful to his Lord and Savior Jesus for laying His life down to rescue his life from bondage. He goes on to share that Isiah 61 is central to the theme of the song.

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