Jamerican Gospel Show Live Stream Concert

On Saturday, April 18th, 2020, Mervin Budram – MD joined over 25 artists and performers from over several regions in the world for a live stream concert. Countries represented included artists from Belize (2), Jamaica (9), United Kingdom (1), USA (12), Antigua (1), Canada (2), Cayman (1), and Zimbabwe (1).

Due to live-streaming technology, each artist performed from the comfort of their home. Viewers from all overexpressed their appreciation and showed love to each performer who took the stage… or should I say the stream!

Mervin performed one of his favorite songs ‘Take the Praises Higher‘ as well as his 2020 soca release titles ‘Ovah‘on the Eternal Beauty Riddim. His performances start 1:13 in the video.

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