Love That Feeling Music Video Release

Gospel artist Mervin Budram – MD, out of Belize, is excited to share his first 2021 music video released for his song ‘Love That Feeling’ with you. 

Love That Feeling by Mervin Budram – MD Feat. Orelle Castillo

Love that Feeling, featuring Orelle Castillo, is a Caribbean soca praise song that celebrates the joy & emotional stability an individual can get from cultivating a close relationship with God. It’s Mervin’s prayer that this offering will inspire, motivate, and transform the lives of the listeners.

About Mervin Budram – MD

Mervin is a singer, songwriter, speaker, entrepreneur, business owner, and the host of the Creative Monday Discussion show in Belize. He loves to inspire, motivate, & transform lives through singing, music, art, speaking, writing, & digital media. He is driven by his God-given vision to see whole people that know God and express Him Freely.

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I love to inspire, motivate, & help transform lives. I do that best through singing, speaking, writing & creating.