Mervin Budram & his team offer a diverse set of services. Choose a service from below to view more details. 

Mervin Budram speaks with experiential authority on several topics. Whether you are hosting a business seminar, workshop, school retreat, conference or church event, Mervin is honored to draw on his experience and knowledge to bring his unique perspective to a variety of topics:  

  • Personal Development
      • Running Towards Your Goals
      • Cultivating a spirit of Excellence  
      • Breaking Negative Cycles
      • Confronting Addictions
      • Overcoming Insecurities & Fear
  • Entrepreneurship & Business Development
      • What’s in your hand?
      • How to build your team
      • How to cultivate and maintain creativity in your team
      • Management. Making the best use of time
      • The struggles of running a small business in Belize
      • Junkyard Marketing
  • Musician, Artist & Creative
      • How to take your song from idea to stage
      • Stage presence & the art of entertainment
      • Creating with a team
      • Storytelling through songs
  • Religious Organization/ Events
    • Entre-Minister
    • Run your race (Breaking the Entanglement)
    • God of the Wilderness
    • Walking with God
    • Kingdom Keys Series
    • Spiritual Warfare
    • Overcoming Faith Deficiency

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