My coaching session with Mervin equipped me with the necessary tools for success in ministry and life. I approached him with my desire to branch out into speaking. He helped me discover ways that I can move forward and the steps I take to do so. He was able to relate with me using his real-life experiences as well as offer advice and guidance from a faith standpoint. Really grateful for the session!

Shaina Morales

Writer/ Founder of CariGospel

Hi, I am Tim Robinson, director of Reach Out Music. We have a music festival here in Cortez Colorado. I want to give a shout-out to Mervin and say ‘THANK YOU’ for coming and playing our festival. What a blessing you were. I would highly recommend Mervin to anyone who’s looking for someone not only to come to play a great musical performance but just the heart of the community. People were drawn to him. He was a great addition to our festival and we look forward to having him back.

Tim Robinson

Director of Reach Out Music Festival - Colorado, USA

Mr. Budram is an excellent designer who is surely reliable. You can count on him.” Service Category: Graphic/Web Designer Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Dr. Romaldo Isaac Lewis (DBA)

Management Consultant at AGRICONES

Mervin Budram – MD & The R1pple 3ffect Band are absolutely amazing! They are uniquely gifted and anointed to minister within the four walls of the church and far beyond. Reaching the unsaved and encouraging the body of Christ is what I’ve found to be the core of their mission and hearts. I strongly recommend this God-fearing ministry for any event that you are looking to have, positive, influential music that will shift the direction of this generation heavenward to God himself!

Briston Xavier

Artist / Worship Leader - Kentucky, USA

Mervin was a guest-speaker for our youth group. He did an amazing job not only connecting and engaging the young people, but also sharing relevant information about entrepreneurship in Belize. He uses a combination of storytelling, self-disclosure, discussion, and presenting in a natural way that keeps you interested and entertained. I highly recommend him as a guest speaker to any group or organization.

Heitha Beane

Coordinator: Belmopan Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program

Thank you for giving your valuable time and sharing an important message with our students. It was an excellent presentation. I also appreciate the involvement you made with students in order for them to understand the theme more clearly and your important messages to them. Their participation provided great role models for the other students. There were many positive comments about the quality of your presentations. Thanks for helping make our retreat a success.

Mrs. Sharon Monroy

Independence High School Teacher

Mervin is dedicated to the things of God and seeing people come to know Jesus as their Lord & Savior. An awesome family man raising his three precious daughters to love the Lord. He does all this through his songs & music, worship is his life

Shelly Usher - Builders' Hardware Limited

Legacy Youth Movement, Belize

We were honored to have Mervin Budram teach on “Breaking Every Entanglement” at the Empower conference. He didn’t waste a word! Real and intentional. As Mervin spoke, he engaged the youth through discussion and practical demonstrations. The youth gained a lot of insight and revelation on how to effectively run their race. Thanks again, Mervin!

Adena Dueck

The Empower Team, Belize

It was pure joy to have Mervin sing and speak during our PathLight virtual event. His passionate presentation held our audience captive, and his original musical performance made us “Jump for Belize” long after the event was over.

Marshall Node

Pathlight International

Mervin Budram – MD is not only a good friend of mine, but he’s a great artist and passionate ambassador of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He’s an incredible artist, singer, songwriter, and musician… yet rooted in humility with a servant’s heart. Through his incredible music (along with his band, The R1pple 3ffect), Merv’s on-point and on-fire lyrics, and preaching, they have set out to transform the nation of Belize and the rest of the world with the undiluted Good News of Christ. If you want someone that is going to deliver incredible music, a life-changing message, and do so with excellence and the highest level of energy, this is your best option! I highly recommend them for any event, conference, festival, church, or outreach.

Pastor Mark Mohr

Founder & lead vocalist of Christafari